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Education BTech ing, HBTI Kanpur




HBTI Kanpur 

BTech ing

HBTI Kanpur is a prestigious engineering collage and now it is a Deemed University. Its famous for its Chemical Engineering Branch and for Unique Oil and Paint section. I am proud to be a part of esteemed engineering collage.


Technip India  

Senior Engineer

Thermal Design of Heat exchangers and Air Coolers for the following projects: Gasoline and Aromatic Project for Takreer: - Preparation of utility P&ID - Thermal design of Heat Exchangers and Air Coolers using HTRI software and preparation of TEMA datasheet and API datasheet - Preparation of criticality rating of equipment, lines & instruments - Preparation of electrical load list - Adequacy checking of existing heat exchangers for the revamp conditions Revamp of Diesel Hydro treating unit - Engineering services for Axens - Thermal and hydraulic adequacy checking of existing Heat Exchangers, Air Coolers for the revamp conditions and preparation of rating report IOCL-INDMAX Gasoline De-Sulphurisation


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