Ahmed Elsayed Abdallah

Instrument and Control Engineer

Current EPROM-ERC project

Education Master, Brooklyn Academy




Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University 

B.SC. in Engineering


EPROM-ERC project 

Instrument and Control Engineer

I. Go over all documents (P&ID, TWD, Datasheet, Logic Diagram, etc.). II. Run function tests on all instruments and double-check all loops with DCS and logic. III. Replace all defective instruments with new ones and conduct analyses to determine which types should be replaced. IV. Complete all two Y-spare parts. V. Working on all units as an Instrument and Control Shift Engineer (HCU, VDU, HPU, NHT, DHT, S RU, ARU, DCU, Utility, Offsite, Wastewater) VI. Field instrument maintenance, control valves, MOVs, and troubleshooting for DCS, VMS, CCC, WOODWORD, PLC packages, TGS, F&G, and ESD system alarms. VII. Working on SAP to obtain spare parts and close W.O while also monitoring activities.


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