About Us

Our aim at Energy Dais is to discover and push people towards the career of their dreams. We are searching for the best of the energy industry to create a network where our users can find the perfect coach for themselves. We intend to create a working environment where knowledge and experience count.

We are introducing this program with the select few experts. We want industry professionals to discover and choose desirable guidance path. With the success of this program, we will bring in more offerings and coaches.

How it works?


Meet and Greet

We at Energy Dais believe in getting to know our coaches. Our primary goal is to ensure that we both find the perfect fit. We are looking for people who can guide industry professionals towards success in the energy sector.



After having the opportunity to welcome you, we go on to set up a delightful online presence. It will eventually help our clients to find you and aid you in reaching more people.


Ready to roll

Once, the profile is live, the clients can enrol for your course (don’t worry, we handle payments). But you get to decide the amount of work you want to undertake by setting your own availability.

What Energy Dais is looking for?

Strong presence

How you present yourself is how people first view you”, we want our coaches to be a reflection of us and so a good online presence would be the way to go. We would love you to include a headshot and impactful bio for your profile

An experience that matters

We want our coaches to help the industry professionals in whatever way possible, whether it's interview coaching or guidance related to job search. This is why our system enables experts from all the fields to come together on a single platform

The art of being helpful

We want every single one of our career coaches and clients to have an amazing experience. We believe in quality service and guidance that can help people establish themselves in the energy industry.