Amit Goswami

Completion Engineer

Current Halliburton

Education BE Petroleum, Ivano-Frankivsk National University of Oil & Gas




Ivano-Frankivsk National University of Oil & Gas 

BE Petroleum



Completion Engineer

 Running in Cased Hole Completion packers Retrievable & Permanent (such as VCA, PHL, VTA, BWM, on Wireline and hydraulic Setting tool) with flow control systems such as Selective X and Non Selective Nipple and SSD’s.  Running in cased hole Mechanical set packers to check casing integrity (such as RTTS, CHAMP Packer) on drill pipes.  Running in FAS Drill Halliburton Bridge plugs, EZSV Bridge plugs, Cement retainers. Executed the mentioned tools on wireline, with HS tool on Coil Tubing and with MST tools as well.  Well Bore Clean-Up: Running 9-5/8" and 7.0" well bore clean-up equipment’s using Halliburton Rotating Scraper, Mag-Tech, and Valli Tech Filter.  Running ESP Completions


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