Anthony Borges

Site Operations Logistics/ Warehouse Manager Abidj

Current Contract EPC Projects Ivory Coast

Education Master’s Degree, Pune / Symbiosis Management




Mumbai / St. Xavier's College.  

Bachelor’s Degree

Export Management. Stress management, Industrial Physcology, Costing and Income Tax, Book keeping Accountancy.


Contract EPC Projects Ivory Coast 

Site Operations Logistics/ Warehouse Manager Abidj

 Expertise in end to end, logistics set-up, (reverse) administration, planning strategies, budgeting, transport management, vendor identification-development, procurement management, training-motivating staff, solving GRN discrepancies with focus on achieving standards of excellence in Logistics and procurement savings.  Strengthened negotiations with vendors, freight forwarders, on time deliveries -dispatches commitments, accurate documentation safety programs; value added services, manpower handling management and department’s growth plan, evaluate budgets & expenditures, update & evaluate performances.  Labile for client satisfactions, cost reductions, order fill rate, inventory shrinkage, lease contracts, MRP, label goods, plot route


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