Hironmoi Duarah

Surface Well Testing Data Aquisition Engineer

Current Techno Canada Incorporation

Education Bachelor’s Degree, KKHSOU




Assam Engineering Institute 

Diploma or Certificate

This is a 3 year Diploma In Electrical Engineering Course.


Techno Canada Incorporation 

Surface Well Testing Data Aquisition Engineer

Role: Well Testing DAQ cum Electrical Installation and Maintenance Supervisor. Responsibilities: #Organizing tool box talk, safety meetings, SIMOPS meeting, explaining JSA and emergency response plan to all crew members. #Maintain DPR, Periodic Maintenance Sheet, Cold Work Permit, Hot work Permit, Field Data Log sheet. #Operation and maintenance of 750kVA, 62.5 kVA, 45 kVA Diesel Generator, 125kVA Gas Genset, Indirect Bath Type Water Boiler Gas/Diesel Burner, Air compressors. #Installing Basic Electrical Equipment, Wiring System, Over Head Line, Layout of underground cables. #Rig Up and Rig Down of 5K,10K&15K WELL TESTING Set-up effectively and safely.


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