Matthys van Heerden

Senior Electrician

Current Kuwait Drilling Company, Kuwait

Education Diploma, Tsumeb Corporation Ltd.




Tsumeb Corporation Ltd. 


Qualification issued by Ministry of Labour & HR Development, Namibia


Kuwait Drilling Company, Kuwait 

Senior Electrician

Rig Name, Type & Design: Cyber Rig and Chinese HH rig. Maintains and technical support for rig electricians, maintains workshop and Basecamp, including PDR, SCRs, MCC, PLCs and generator controls; VFD, AC/DC motors and motor controllers, HVAC systems. Perform risk assessments on all equipment and drilling sides and ensure compliance with safety standards and electrical engineering codes. • Responsible for supporting, leading, and working within teams so to deliver initiatives in line with KDC vision and strategy. • Understanding and implementing designs from technical drawings. • Writing up and preparing manuals, parts list, proposals documentation. • Evaluates electrical systems, products, components, and programs.


No skill detail shared.


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