Nilesh Singhal

Summer Trainee

Current CSIR-Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, Barwa Road, Dha

Education Bachelor’s Degree, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies




University of Petroleum and Energy Studies 

Bachelor’s Degree

Degree with emphasis on Upstream sector of Oil and Gas industry. Courses offered ranges from exploration, drilling, logging, reservoir, production, well testing, unconventional and follows general trend in the industry. Some niche topics such as Geomechanics, CBM and HSE were also taught.


Exploration and Development Directorate, ONGC Dehradun 

Summer Trainee

The project primarily dealt with the analysis of various logs obtained from Caliper log, SP log, Gamma Ray log and various resistivity and porosity logs and ultimately finding the water saturation from Archie’s Equation which was further used to determine the hydrocarbon saturation.


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