Osumili Chukwudi

Workshop Technician, Industrial Trainee

Current Rivers State Radio Corporation

Education Master’s Degree, University of PortHarourt




University of PortHarourt  

Bachelor’s Degree

Electrical and electronic circuits and engineering, machines, telecommunications, solid state electronics and logics Grade at graduation - second class


Power Holding Company Of Nigeria (PHCN)- Rumuola District  

Field Technician, industrial Trainee

Protection, control and metering Transformer test Equipment check, control, maintenance, troubleshooting for replacement of defective parts Carry out pre commission test on new substations Co-monitored substations and equipments to ensure optimal operation and reduction of downtime Monitored an average of 5 to 10 sub stations in Rumuola District weekly to improve the quality terminal voltage and transmission quality. Installation of 500kva and 250kva transformers to boost 420v distribution line which improved service to customers and reduce load shedding drastically. Maintained 33kv, 11kv and 420v distribution line within the district. Cable jointing /termination for installation and ma Ensure all health and safety standards are met


Controls & Instrumentation



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