QA QC Engineer

Current Linde Group

Education Diploma or Certificate, TWI




Anna University 

Bachelor’s Degree

BE Mechanical Engineering.


Linde Group 

QA QC Engineer

Job Description:  Codes followed- · Handling of codes ASME B 31.3,B31.1, ASME SEC V, ASME SEC IX, ASME SEC II PART A, B & C,AWS D1.1,BS7777, API 650, 620&ENetc.,  Verifying the base materials and consumable welding materials conform to the specifications and that the welding filler metals used are as specified for each base material or combination of base materials  Verifying the welding equipment to be used for the work is appropriate for the use with the welding procedure and has the capability to meet the applicable requirements of the welding procedure.  Vendor Development, Pipes & pipe fittings inspection.  Review & approve WPS, PQR, WPQ and inspection test plan as per project requirements  Verifying that welders, welding o


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